In the dashboard area you have the option of 1-4 columns. However when you are adding or editing a new post/page you only have the option of 1-2 columns. I would like to have be able to choose 1-3 or even 1-4 columns. I have lots of custom taxonomy that I would like to arrange more aptly by using more than 2 columns.

There is a solution.

It works on a Wordpress 3.2 installation I have but not on the current 3.4. It probably only needs a minor tweak but, I can't seem to figure it out. This is the solution from the link above...

add_action( 'submitpost_box', 'third_column_edit_form' );
add_action( 'submitpage_box', 'third_column_edit_form' );
function third_column_edit_form() {
global $post_type, $post;
//if( 'your-type' != $post_type )
$side_meta_boxes2 = do_meta_boxes( $post_type, 'column3', $post );

add_action( 'admin_print_styles-post.php',     'third_column_css');
add_action( 'admin_print_styles-post-new.php', 'third_column_css');
function third_column_css () {
global $post_type;
    //if( 'your-type' != $post_type )
     //     return;
<style type="text/css">
#side-info-column {
  width: 580px;

#post-body {
  margin-right: -620px !important;

#post-body-content {
  margin-right: 600px !important;

#column3-sortables {
  width: 280px;
  float: right;
  display: block;
  min-height: 200px;

#side-sortables {
  float: left;
  display: block;
  min-height: 200px;

/* Style copied from #side-sortables */

#column3-sortables .category-tabs, #column3-sortables .category-tabs {
  margin-bottom: 3px;

#column3-sortables .category-tabs li, #column3-sortables .add-menu-item-tabs li {
  display: inline;

#column3-sortables .category-tabs a, #column3-sortables .add-menu-item-tabs a {
  text-decoration: none;

#column3-sortables .category-tabs .tabs a, #column3-sortables .add-menu-item-tabs .tabs a {
  color: #333;
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