I'm wondering how I would go about implementing some kind of image voting system to wordpress. I've had a brief look at plugins but none are particularly great.

I would also like users to be able to upload photos? I'm not great with wordpress so any advice would be great. I'm literally open to anything here.

I was also thinking of adding in buddypress to give some kind of community behind it all.

Any advice welcome at all. More the merrier in fact!

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Perhaps WordPress database schema is not so good for an implementation like this one, there's a couple of ways of how to do it.

You could set a rating post type that is actually a reference with attachmed images and some information for people to rate. So, every time a is_user_logged_in user rates any post of this post type, you'll probably want to set the post as rated by this user (so he won't rate it again) on a reference for him in wp_usermeta, and also increase a rating_count on wp_postmeta.

Well, this is just to start.

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