Basically I need to get all posts from a particular category (or multiple categories), and list them out according to their tag. In Category X, there are the following tags, and under each tag is the link to all the posts with that tag. I have it MOSTLY working - except this is pulling ALL tags from ALL categories. Any way I can limit this output to just a particular category?

    //get all terms (e.g. categories or post tags), then display all posts in each term
    $taxonomy = 'post_tag';//  e.g. post_tag, category
    $param_type = 'tag__in'; //  e.g. tag__in, category__in
      'orderby' => 'name',
      'order' => 'ASC'
    $terms = get_terms($taxonomy,$term_args);
    if ($terms) {
      foreach( $terms as $term ) {
          "$param_type" => array($term->term_id),
          'post_type' => 'post',
          'post_status' => 'publish',
          'posts_per_page' => -1,
          'caller_get_posts'=> 1
        $my_query = null;
        $my_query = new WP_Query($args);
        if( $my_query->have_posts() ) {
          echo '<h2 class="tag">' . $term->name . '</h2><ul class="post">';
          while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); ?>
            <li><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li>
          echo '</ul>';
    wp_reset_query();  // Restore global post data stomped by the_post().
  • 1
    I figured this out. I ended up using custom posts & custom taxonomies to achieve this. I created a conditional that checks the page and lists the desired output for each page. Works like a charm. pastebin.com/cSqQtNrx
    – jamie
    Sep 11, 2012 at 23:52
  • thanks for posting an answer, really helped me out a lot :) Nov 20, 2012 at 21:17


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