For some categories on my site there's introduction text that needs formatting (so using the category description isn't an option) and placing at the top of categories.php.

I've added a post ID to the category description field thinking I could then use get_post() to load the relevant post's content then list all the posts in the category underneath.

However it doesn't work and breaks the loop.

The error I get is

Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /wp-content/themes/pap_01/loop.php on line 39

and line 39 is

$secintro = get_post(439);

I've tried resetting post data and rewinding the loop after this but nothing helps. And print_r($secintro); does show anything either.


You're using an old version of WordPress. Upgrade to 3.5 and you will no longer see that error.

Here's the function declaration for get_post in WP 3.4:

function &get_post(&$post, $output = OBJECT, $filter = 'raw')

Notice the ampersand in front of $post? That would mean the value is passed by reference. You can give the function a literal, it has to be the variable.

The correct solution is to update to WP 3.5 (we're on 3.5.1 at the time of writing). Get post to WP 3.5+:

function get_post( $post = null, $output = OBJECT, $filter = 'raw' )

The less good way is to simply cheat when you call the function and do an assignment + call at the same time:

$a_post = get_post($a_post_id = 439);

$a_post_id = 439 in the function arguments creates the $a_post_id variable and pass it into the function.


used this in the end but still not sure why get_post wouldn't work

        $secintro_args =array(

        $secintro = get_posts($secintro_args);

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