On one of my sites if a post's permalink is as follows:


the attachment page for the thumbnail image (i.e. featured image) will be like this:


In other words, the attachment page URL is a repetition of the parent post's URL (sometimes with a '2' slapped on it at the end like in the example).

I want to make the attachment page URLs like this:


I also pass GET parameters to the attachment pages like this:


I want this to become:


The URL duplication is my big concern, the GET translation isn't a priority so long as the parameters aren't lost.

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The attachment page generally gets the "title" value as it's slug. Are you not filling in the image information like title, caption, etc? Might give that a try.

  • Ah thank you! I realize that this is the issue. I have code that grabs the parent post's title and uses it as the image title (which is then used to rename the image file). In this case I will change my code to work on another image attribute to avoid this duplication. Aug 26, 2012 at 14:36

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