Wodpress editor is too slow. How to create other faster interface or how to fast publish posts. I just need fileds for author, category and subtitle. Is there any way instead of default wordpress editor ?

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    Subtitle? Is that some kind of custom field in your site? You can hide almost every part of the posting screen via "Screen Options" - have you tried that?
    – anu
    Aug 25, 2012 at 11:37

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I get what you want, it will require some coding skills though.

What I did was create myself a plugin that registers a new menu page, and then I use wp_insert_post() function to create a post with given parameters. You can check out my plugin here: http://www.mediafire.com/?499tk848njaz7hq

It's for fast image posting, but I believe you can adjust it to your need.


Press This (/wp-admin/tools.php) does almost what you ask for.

press this tool

Just drag the button to your bookmarks bar. Clicking it will open the following popup:

press this popup

The matter is that it grabs the current browser window title and selected content. But this can be easily changed. It does not have the Author option though, nor Custom Fields.

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