I've just installed Wordpress here at arun.sanspace.in But, don't know why, it doesn't display any images. I want to know why? I have another Wordpress installation on the same server which works great. What exactly is the problem here? Am I doing something wrong?

While I copy the image location from the placeholder and open it alone, it displays the picture. It happens on IE and FF both.

  • Had the same problem as you, your solution did not work. This one did, though. wordpress-plugin.net/…
    – user14431
    Mar 22, 2012 at 19:20

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I've figured it out. I had enabled hotlink protection. I installed the new blog in a new subdomain which was not added to the hotlink protection. So, it prevented the image requests. Now I added to the list and everything's fine. Silly me. :-(

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