Where can I get the list of styles about to be printed? What i want is to either filter the list, doing what i want with each, then return empty list. Or do an action that recieves the list, then i can remove_action the print_styles. Something like that, anyway. I'm creating a css minifier concatenizer.


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There is a global variable named $wp_styles. It is a WP_Styles object (if it exists at all) and it holds all the enqueued styles in a public variable $queue.


global $wp_styles;

if ( is_a( $wp_styles, 'WP_Styles' ) )
    print_r( $wp_styles->queue );
    print 'no styles enqueued';

Make sure you test that after the init hook, because stylesheets should not be enqueued earlier.

For details see:

  • /wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php,
  • /wp-includes/class.wp-styles.php and
  • /wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php
  • Beauty. Also, for realted searches, the $wp_scripts works in the same way. So, for concatenizing and minifying purposes, it looks like I can simply go thru the $wp-styles->enqued array, do the concat/min on those files and then swap out my resulting min.css in the ->registered and ->enqued arrays. Problems or thoughts? Commented Oct 21, 2012 at 18:21

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