Trying to make a system whereby a function is called upon an admin changing the taxonomy category (term - if i understand correcrtly) of a custom post type.

I thought the action tag "edit_category" would do this, but doesnt seem to work:

add_action('edit_category_form', 'myFunction');

Any ideas?


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'set_object_terms' is probably the hook you want. It gets passed the following: post_id, terms, term_taxonomy ids, taxonomy, append, old term_taxonomy ids.

You can use the post_id and taxonomy params to determine if its the post type and taxonomy you want to hook into, and then check if term_taxonomy_ids differs from the old term_taxonomy_ids to decide whether anything was changed.


This worked for me:

add_action('set_object_terms', 'do_stuff_when_taxo_changes', 10, 1);

function do_stuff_when_taxo_changes($post_id) {

    // Do Stuff

  • I'd use add_action( 'set_object_terms', 'do_stuff_when_taxo_changes', 10, 6 );, because that way you'll have access to the full list of parameters.
    – Pat J
    Oct 12, 2016 at 20:26

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