After the body tag, Wordpress is outputting the site url & site name in the Login page (wp-login.php). I think do_action( 'login_head' ); is responsible somehow but not sure how to modify this without touching the core file.


While browsing through the functions.php file, i discovered the code below and there where filters echoing the problematic text. Commented the echos out and woohoo. Done

if ( !function_exists( 'jh_wp_login_url' ) ) {
function jh_wp_login_url() {
    //echo home_url();

} add_filter('login_headerurl', 'jh_wp_login_url');

if ( !function_exists( 'jh_wp_login_title' ) ) {
function jh_wp_login_title() {
    //echo get_option('blogname');

} add_filter('login_headertitle', 'jh_wp_login_title');

  • What plug-ins do you have installed? This doesn't occur on a clean install of WordPress. Aug 10, 2012 at 12:06

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If you want to change the logo, you could hook into login_head and output css that replaces the default logo. This goes into your functions.php.

function my_custom_login_logo() {
    // as below or link to an external .css-file
    echo '<style type="text/css">
              div#login h1 a { 

add_action('login_head', 'my_custom_login_logo');

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