I am trying to create a button inside a post and, when the user clicks on it, I'd like the post to be duplicated and this new post goes to another category, is it possible?

For example: I have "post 1" in "category1". When the user clicks on the button "duplicate", it should duplicate the "post1" inside the "category2".

Thank you!

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There's plugin to do that - Duplicate Post

While viewing a post as a logged in user, you can click on Copy to a new draft as a dropdown link under Edit Post in the admin bar. This will lead you to edit post page, change whatever you want and save. It'll save it as different post.

- Quote for plugin Description


I use the Postmenu plugin, because with it you can:

  • Duplicate and advance duplicate to any post type: post, page, custom post page.
  • Duplicate Menu.
  • Easy add page to the menu link.
  • Duplicate any terms like category, tags, and custom terms.
  • Bulk Duplicate any post types and bulk Duplicate any terms.
  • It has compatibility with WPML.

But in your case, you use the Advance Duplicate link and select what do you need duplicate.

For any additional information go to the Plugin Description or Developer Page, I write more information because I use every day to my job.

I hope help you.

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