I want to give all authors permission to edit other authors drafts, but not publish them. It seems like the only way to give authors access to drafts by other authors is to grant them 'edit_others_posts', but this capability also lets them publish the posts.

Is there any other way to do this?


I'm using a plugin called Advanced Access Manager to enable certain permissions to different userlevels/groups, this should be able to do exactly what you are asking.


I'd say you could hook the publish event and check there if the current user is the author of the post to publish (that should be just a few lines of plug-in code). Should be a whole lot more lightweight then the other 2 suggestions - while doing exactly what you want.

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Approval Workflow is meant to create a workflow process in WordPress. This plugin adds a box to the post edit screen when a user does not have publish permissions for that post type. It also allows you to set a WordPress role as the approvers. Note: this role must have publish permissions. The approvers get notified by email when someone has submitted something to the workflow. This works on WordPress Multisite too.

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