When sorting through my images in Apple Aperture I regularly find myself wanting to post one, or a few dozen, of them to one of my WordPress sites. Does anyone know of an Aperture plugin or some way to create a quick post directly from the app? If Aperture was written in PHP, I'd be set!



EDIT: I mistakenly referred to 'Adobe' Aperture. I really need to make a choice between Lightroom & Aperture, and stick with it.


As this is a matter of Aperture/Lightroom plugins, maybe this Question could be posed in other sites of the Stack:

The Aperture side seems to have less options:

This Mac blogging app, Marsedit, may be a solution. Much probably, alternatives exist for other OS.

And the plugins in Lightroom side, which covers Macs and Windows:

All linked solutions are paid and most have a trial option. Just tested LR/Blog and works flawlessly creating a post and uploading/attaching the images.

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