Problem: Homepage, tier 1, is able to load. Tier 2 pages always display the 404.php page. Tier 3 pages (subpages of Tier 2) load perfectly.

Gathered Information:

  1. functions.php - At the end of the functions.php file, the developer has registered a custom taxonomy called facebook-feeds.

  2. I used a plugin called Rewrite Analyzer and i notice that it thinks my tier 2 pages are facebook-feeds for some reason.

I'm not quite sure how to fix this.

My first thought was to remove the registered taxonomy. BUT I need a command or a function that will completely remove and make wordpress act like it never existed.

If there is a way to make it behave, that would be awesome too, but right now I'm getting some weirdness that I've never encountered before.

What do you suggest?



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