I have separate post type archive and taxonomy archive page. eg. archive-product.php and taxonomy-price.php.

So when i goto example.com/product/?price=100 it redirect to example.com/price/100 and using the taxonomy-price.php to display the posts. It seem the wp take the priority of taxonomy to display to posts.

So what I want is using the archive-product.php to display the posts,how can I do this?

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Have you checked the Wordpress Template Hierarchy Diagram To get an idea how wordpress choose the tempalte. I'm not sure but according to the Wordpress Template Hierarchy, Wordpress will choose default archive.php for custom taxonomy if no special template is specified.

That means you cannot not have archive-product.php to use with Custom Taxonomy archive.

In your case the - example.com/product/?price=100 is archive for prodcts with custom taxonomy price set to 100.

  • Finally I solve it, but in a different way. I just create another custom taxonomy "Product", show now they can share the same taxonomy archive page to display the posts
    – dev-jim
    Aug 9, 2012 at 17:33

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