Part of a function i'm using in my single.php page is

$myposts = get_posts(array('numberposts' => 10, 'offset' => 0,'post_status'=>'publish','category' => 32));

I need to make the number 32 dynamic so it can be set from the dashboard

I'm familiar with advanced custom fields for posts. Is there a similar plugin that would let me create custom options? Or can someone suggest a good modern tutorial on creating a basic option like this in the dashboard



I found this plugin that let me create custom options and set the value dynamically in my templates. Worked out fine


  • IMHO not really useful to set categories ID, once you migrate all the IDs wil change, it will be sorted out.You can try pass the category name and use get_term_by(). – Diana Jul 28 '12 at 22:35
  • Well that's my reason for making it dynamic so that on a new server it can be set dynamically from the dashboard. – Anagio Jul 28 '12 at 22:38

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