When I request a "tag" page e.g. /tag/whatever no tag page shows up only the frontpage. This also seems to be the case with categories

what did i do

  • I have moved this blog from single site to my WP3 Multisite setup (#21)

What Did I try already

  • The other 20 moved weblogs work OK so it is not "generic" or .htacess or wpconfig
  • I have tried other themes like 2010 : the same problem
  • Just to be sure I flushed the permalinks
  • "if(is_tag()) { echo ""; } else { echo ""; }" always show "no tag"... in other words the page itself does not think it is a tag page
  • the table structures and database contents for terms, etc... look ok
  • i have a template page "tag.php" with in it "hello tag", this one does not show
  • the backend looks completely ok: tags show with posts etc..
  • the tags DO appear under the posts
  • template_loader-php : the is_tag = false

Current Hypothesis

  • the query parser in query.php shows the correct tag in the array but the new $this->parse_tax_query( $qv ); hmmm maybe returns the wrong thing?
  • any leads to give a brain spark? must be something stupid

? COULD it be that in query.php in the function parse_tax_query... there is no check for the "tag" in a query string??

UPDATE: I found it! (but it took some time): it is the simple tags plugin (http://redmine.beapi.fr/projects/show/simple-tags) conflicts with the new parse_tax_query .... in 3.1 .... phew!

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To comply with the QA thread structure:

It was caused by a conflict of simple tags plugin and new code in 3.1 / Trunk Version.


Check if this issue similar to yours. You may take it as reference.


  • i have no idea why a categories to tags converter would solve my problem but what the heck ... installing...
    – edelwater
    Commented Dec 28, 2010 at 3:21
  • unfortunately... nogo. i took one tag that is a category.
    – edelwater
    Commented Dec 28, 2010 at 3:33

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