I am using All in one Events Calendar plugin to add the events. It works fine in CMS. I would like to display the events data in mobile version. for this i used JSON-API for obtaining web-services in json format.

To obtain all events , I dint find any plugin which will full-fill my requirement. so i started writing php code and uploaded the getevents.php to www/.../services/getevents.php

When i execute the file it is redirected to Calendar page in my cms. But i am expecting a json formatted output of all the events.

Please suggest a solution...

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  • Thanks, downvotes is not a problem. Solution is important. – Rama raju dantuluri Jul 27 '12 at 7:25

I had to do the same thing. I used the JSON API plugin and had to create a new controller for JSON API that read the specific data out of the tables that All-in-One created.

Unfortunately there really were not the right calls in the calendar plugin to access all the data (or at least on the older version I used this for) so I had to write the whole controller to do it.

It took only a few hours to do and was pretty trivial once you look at the database structure, so this would be my recommended method to do this.

  • Thank you Khirok for your suggestion. I would have given an upvote for this , Unfortunately i am not eligible. I did the same thing, looking into database and started writing queries to fetch data. – Rama raju dantuluri Sep 14 '12 at 7:17
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You can try to import the events from your calendar (to do this click the "Subscribe" button) and then use this converter:


For example you have the link: http://www.mysite.com/events.ics.

To get this data in JSON format use the URL: http://ical2json.pb.io/www.mysite.com/events.ics.

I got this help from the team who created All-In-One calendar events

Hope this will help You

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