All the Javascript isn't working in the admin area on my production server.

Locally it works fine. I have narrowed it down to /wp-admin/wp-header.php line 72-78


And all similar ones to these.

The only difference on the production server is that I have set up a sym link:

ln -s /current/wp-content/plugins /shared/plugins

The symlink is working fine, I can access files by going to:


However, when I view the console I get the following errors:

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://productionsite.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/var/www/vhosts/productionsite.co.uk/shared/plugins/wordpress-form-manager/css/style.css?ver=3.2.1"

So it is trying to include the wrong file and seems to have something to do with the sym link.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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You seem to be facing a similar problem to this: Some plugins adding full server path after url (with custom wp-content folder)

My first suggestion is to examine the value of WP_CONTENT_DIR and see whether it's what you expect. Not sure how the path could be getting mixed up, but I bet if you compare notes with @Craig about your respective server environments, then the cause might show up.

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