Apologies if this is the wrong site to be asking this, but I just downloaded a template for a website that I want to customise. On my Mac I have a program called Espresso which allows me to 'preview' any website that contains any mix of client-side and server-side files. Is there an equivalent on the PC?

I essentially just want to preview my website offline.


You should install any program - for example MAMP - that allows you to use Apache and MySQL. Then go to wordpress.org and download the latest copy of WordPress. Install it and upload your theme in the wp-content/themes folder.


With respect, the up-voted answer will result in an unmitigated disaster.

It doesn't allow for plugins or uploads or other files that are a part of the website; it doesn't mention the need to edit the database options table; the possibility of editing the config.php file; etc, etc.

Rather than regurgitate the necessary steps, I would recommend one of the many guides to be found on the web. This one, "How to Move a Live WordPress Site to Local Server (Manually)" seems as good as any. It covers all the steps in detail, and has a linked article on building the local server (should that be needed).

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