I want to display the user names by the reference of user id.

Is there any function like get_user_displaynme($userid)? (and one more Is there any shortcode to get group names?)

Thanks in Advance

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You can use the very same get_userdata function of WordPress to code a specific function. Stick this in your functions.php:

function get_display_name($user_id) {
    if (!$user = get_userdata($user_id))
        return false;
    return $user->data->display_name;

So you can do something like:

$display_name = get_display_name($some_user_id);
echo $display_name;

This may not be an answer to this question, but in the end I reached for this question when I am looking for a way to fetch the display name for the user through the ID

$user_displayname = get_user_by( 'id', $userid )->display_name ;

So maybe someone else may benefit from my answer


There is a nice native function called get_user_by

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