For some reason, every page on my website has my domain name on the bottom of the page - to the right of the thumbnails. This never used to happen. I can see it in Firebug, but I still have no idea where it is coming from. How can I get rid of it? Thanks.

  • It's probably coming from your related posts plugin. Can you check the settings in that? – fdsa Jul 20 '12 at 21:30
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    Your site has been hacked (see the answers below). Recovering from hacks is outside the scope of this site. – EAMann Jul 20 '12 at 22:38

Take a look at your page source. The offending area is a section of content that's being output after the closing </html>. Judging from some of the links in that appended area, I'd say there a good chance you've been hacked, unless these look like yours:

<div style="text-indent:-9999em">
<a rel="follow" href="http://www.bigbrotheralbania6.org">Big Brother Albania 6</a>
<a rel="follow" href="http://www.oroskopos.org">Oroskopos</a>
<a rel="follow" href="http://horoskopi.shtypidites.com">horoskopi</a>
<a rel="follow" href="http://www.zoloftside-effects.org">Zoloft Side Effects</a>
<a rel="follow" href="http://www.poezidashurieshqip.com">Poezi Dashurie</a>
<a rel="follow" href="http://www.searchpdfengine.com">PDF Search Engine</a>
<a rel="follow" href="http://www.clonidinesideeffects.net">Clonidine Side Effects</a>

Time to restore your theme from a backup, change your passwords (admin and ftp), and possibly hire a professional to fix it if you can't manage it yourself.

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    [...] unless these look like yours [...] - Thanks for the big LOL! – brasofilo Jul 20 '12 at 23:16

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