is it possible to remove the current tax term checklist from the quick edit screen? i have switched the metabox for the "subject" taxonomy, to radio buttons, and would like to do the same in the quick edit box.

i don't see any filters/hooks for changing the existing method, only an action for adding new items to the quick edit screen. is my only solution, therefore with javascript? quick edit only works w/ javascript enabled anyway.

screenshot of quick edit

  • How would you handle the child terms/cats?
    – kaiser
    Jul 19, 2012 at 19:12
  • welllll... i haven't gotten that far yet. at the moment, i am assuming that if you are limiting to a single term then that term is the parent level (no parent/child relationships). shaky assumption, i know, but it is where i am right now. Jul 19, 2012 at 19:15
  • 1
    AFAIK, jQuery. I've got some answers about Quick Edit, and one about Radio Buttons, that may be of use.
    – brasofilo
    Jul 19, 2012 at 19:27
  • @helgatheviking So maybe it's too early for a question? ;)
    – kaiser
    Jul 19, 2012 at 22:18
  • @kaiser - maybe, but at the same time, turning the checkboxes into radios will still be a problem later. also, not everybody needs hierarchical taxonomies. Jul 20, 2012 at 1:40

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I did solve this by setting the show_ui to false for specific taxonomies... but only on the edit.php screen. Then I added custom columns with my own custom quick edit to mimic the regular quick edit but using a custom Walker. If you add columns with a taxonomy name, WordPress automatically generates the quick edit, so you have to alter the taxonomy name somehow: I chose to prepend the taxonomy name with "radio-". The end result can be seen in my Radio Buttons for Taxonomies plugin.

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