So I have two different wordpress applications located at



I wanted to switch between them under the same domain (localhost) so while on the wordpress1 application, I set the directory to localhost:8888/test/wordpress2. Didn't plan out as I have planned. I am still in the wordpress1 application but now its pointing to the wrong folder. Now everything is messed up. Any ideas on how i set the directory of wordpress1 application back to localhost:8888/test/wordpress1? And also what is the easier way to switch between 2 wordpress sites in localhost? Thank you.


If you're on a local install, it's fairly trivial to fix this. Just use phpMyAdmin to reset home_url and/or site_url in the wp_options table in the database.

Switching between two localhost installs is also fairly straight-forward: just don't actually use "localhost" for anything. Instead, set up a unique domain in your system's hosts file for each install:    site1.localdomain    site2.localdomain

Then, in Apache, set each of these domains to point to your different installations (use your vhosts setup). Make sure site_url and home_url are set properly and you're good to go.

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