Not sure how to ask this, because I'm not exactly sure what I'm asking.

I'm looking to use custom URLs (using rewrite rules maybe?) to create 'tabs' for a Custom Post Type. In the past I've used things like a GET session variable to determine what tab the user is on, or JavaScript. I would really prefer to keep it on it's own logical page with a URL to reflect that.

A very basic look of the tabs would be:


For example if we're on the CPT of Charity's sub page of Updates: http://siteroot/charity/updates

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Create an end point for the permalinks. See example.

Then you can even be more granular and use updates/2012, updates/2013 and so on.

Recommended reading:

  • Thank you - that's exactly what I was trying to communicate! I am reading through the examples and codex documentation now - this is incredibly helpful!
    – Tyrun
    Jul 6, 2012 at 19:20

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