Is it possible to create a permalink structure like this:


Or at least something like this:


To elevate this question even further, would it be possible to do it for custom post types and taxonomies as well? Something like this:


Yes, it's possible. Use custom query variables, declare rewrite rules to organize permalinks.

For example, one can rewrite this URI:


to this one:


(using WP_Rewrite)

You need to "declare" your own "query variables" and use them in your own archive template.

  • Well, yes, I know that I should do something like that. But right now I am stuck at how should I mix and match custom post types with custom taxonomies. Ie, I can view custom post type yearly archive like this: /movies/?year=2010 and I can view custom taxonomy yearly archive like this /actor/bruce-willis/?year=2010 - but is there a built-in way to mix those two together (remember - "actor" is a taxonomy that may be used for other post types as well). Something like /movies/actor/bruce-willis/?year=2010? – ragulka Jul 12 '12 at 10:40
  • No, there is no built-in way to mix those things. I've updated my answer a bit. – brownian Jul 12 '12 at 14:04

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