My custom plugin creates a custom post type, and I want to theme my own "single-my_custom_cpt.php" file. However, I want to store it in my plugin folder, and allow that it be over-written in the websites' active theme folder.

For example, single-my_custom_cpt.php exists in /plugins/my-plugin/ folder, and someone creates /themes/site-theme/single-my_custom_cpt.php. I want the theme file to come up first, and if it's deleted, the plugin file to come up.


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To provide a default template that can be overwritten by a theme hook into template_include like the linked questions suggest. You get the template WordPress wants to use as a parameter. If that is not the file you want – replace it with your plugin’s file:

add_filter( 'template_include', 'wpse_57232_render_cpt', 100 );

 * Provide fall back template file for a custom post type single view.
 * @return void
function wpse_57232_render_cpt( $template )
    // Our custom post type.
    $post_type = 'my_custom_cpt';

    // WordPress has already found the correct template in the theme.
    if ( FALSE !== strpos( $template, "/single-$post_type.php" ) )
        // return the template in theme  
        return $template;

    // Send our plugin file.
    if ( is_singular() && $post_type === get_post_type( $GLOBALS['post'] ) )
        // return plugin file
        return dirname( __FILE__ ) . "/single-$post_type.php";

    // Not our post type single view.
    return $template;

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