Currently I have a website working with Wordpress and Jquery Quicksand (http://razorjack.net/quicksand/).

However I don't want to show all posts at the same time. I wish to show e.g. 6 posts and then have a pagination. And that's where I get the problem.

If I have a filter on the first page with posts, it just filters those posts, and not the ones on the other pages. Like this (example from tutsplus.com)

And that's not intuitive at all. Not being able to navigate from one page to another within a filter is just not userfriendly.

I haven't found any tutorial on this, but I found a working example, using quicksand. So it is possible.

So I was wondering if someone might help me, or possibly have a better solution that the working example?

The reason I added ajax in the title is because I thought it might be a better solution doing a new wp_query via ajax instead of loading all posts in multiple lists and show/hide them with the filters.

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