I know you could just grab the code or some such. But I'm trying to figure out a way to easily implement this for a client.

All my googling has just turned up signup forms, not anything for actually sending out a post.

To summarise what I'm after:

I want the client to be able to create a post, use the built in text editor for formatting etc, maybe attach a picture and so on. So that they can have the complete newsletter archive online.

Then I want a way for them to be able to send it out. Either by exporting the html code (via a template), or linking it direct to mailchimp or some such.

Has anyone had to do something similar? Or do you have any idea of a plugin I should be checking out? If it's not out there I'm not against trying to write a plugin for this (though I'm not sure how I'd start that yet)... but thought it best to check first.



Subscribe2 can send excerpt or full post in either plain text or HTML.

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