i currently have been working on a huge project for the last few months and im not a big coder myself but i know a bit, so i needed help, i wanted to assign each user with a already premade design kinda like twitter has you preview the design/with icons and live preview/ were they can pick a few premade designs, if they desire it of course if possible but it seems i run into issue because my lack of skills , its kinda would be a custom design for each user ?… its this possible or is there another alternative? like can i provide custom images/backgrounds, they can pick as there background at least that..

i really hope someone can help me out thank you, have a nice day.!

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not really sure what your point, but you can use body class to customize background images ( AFAIK twitter use this method too ).

for example if you have two user : x and y

you can customize the author page :



with css like these

.author-x {background:red}

.author-y {background:blue}


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