I have some functionality I've written in order to post the title and link for the post to twitter whenever a post is published.

I'm wondering which wp function to hook this to? save_post has no real reference documentation. Basically I just want to run an action when a post is successfully published.

Thanks very much.


You could hook into publish_post like the plugin Inform about Content does.

But this hook is fired on updates to published posts too, this may result in many redundant tweets …

Try 'draft_to_publish' instead. It is called in wp_transition_post_status() and happens only one time. You get the $post object as argument.

Prototype, not tested:

add_action( 'draft_to_publish', 'wpse_55516_tweet_new_post' );

function wpse_55516_tweet_new_post( $post )
    if ( 'post' !== $post->post_type )

    // Tweet it like a boss …
  • Nice!!!... that looks like the one. Yeah that was something I overlooked: how annoying it would be for followers to get get the tweet every typo change.. I'll give it a try now.. – Alex Jun 17 '12 at 10:12
  • that's the one!! – Alex Jun 17 '12 at 10:16

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