I used this technique to display attached PDF metadata on a page. It shows the title and path but not info like keyword, author, and description. Can Wordpress access all the properties uploaded with a PDF file and if so, what's the best way to get at them? TIA

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I'd say you're gonna need external assistance...

Zend Framework

$pdf = Zend_Pdf::load($pdfPath);

echo $pdf->properties['Title'] . "\n";
echo $pdf->properties['Author'] . "\n";

XMP PHP Toolkit

XMP Toolkit PHP Extension is a PHP module which includes the Adobe XMP Toolkit SDK. This PHP5 extension will provide classes and methods to manipulate XMP Metadatas from files like jpegs, tiff, png, but also wav, mp3, avi, mpeg4, pdf, ai, eps… It’s based from the Adobe XMP Toolkit SDK 4.4.2. The goal of this extension is to have php classes which can open files, extract metadatas, manipulate them, and put them back within few lines of php code. This project is under GPL v3 License.

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