I created an options page for admin and displayed it as a top level menu -> add_menu_page($themename, $themename, 'administrator', basename(__FILE__), 'mytheme_admin');

I want to add a sub menu under the top level menu I created to display exactly the same page (to be displayed as a sub menu but open this page also when user clicks the top level menu).

Also I don't know how to add another theme page I created under this top level menu. I have read the wordpress documentation and couldn't make it, before asking here. Many thanks.

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Try using add_submenu_page for adding a submenu for the extra entry. Once you add one submenu entry, by default you will have 2 subitems: the parent one (the same as the root item) and the new subitem. This is a default behavior from WordPress (replicating the parent element as the first row when you have other subpages).


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