Can I use WordPress for Urdu Language? I want entire site to be toggled-translated in Urdu Language with one click... Is it possible to do it with some plugin or do i have to write manual codes for every component?


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WordPress is community translated. For a good number of languages, the translation is relatively complete and follows high quality standards.

The codex page on WordPress in your language reports:

WordPress in Urdu - اردو is ongoing, but slow. Need more contributors.

So in essence: No, WP is not entirely translated to Urdu yet. You could contribute though and push things forward, if you cared.

WP uses gettext, so the translation process itself is pretty straightforward. See I18n for WordPress Developers, if you want to find out more.


🙌 In the past few versions of WordPress, I have been leading the effort to help make WordPress 100% translated in Urdu. Along with me is my team of devs especially Saqib Ameen — who's done an incredible job managing the translations.

🎯 I'm going to drop a few resources here for you to get WordPress in Urdu!

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