I read on the codex that the best way to implement a clean uninstallation functionality to a plugin is by adding a uninstall.php file inside your plugin directory.

I'm wondering: can i use my plugin's Class instance data inside the uninstall.php file?

This is the code sitting in my uninstall.php file:

if(!defined('WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN')) exit;
$table_name = $wpdb->prefix . $this->dbName;
$wpdb->query("DROP TABLE `$table_name`");

I'm wondering if the table_name variable will be properly retrieved, or if i should hardcode it.

As per my tests, the table remains after deletion, so i guess i'l fallback to using a hook inside my plugin's file, unless i'm missing something?


I'm not in my desktop, but I suspect it won't be retrieved.


  • have you tested it? Does the table gets droped?
  • I'd say you need to declare global $wpdb;, isn't it?
  • if you don't have any, a tool like FirePHP is really handy when developing
  • anyway, this seems a case where is pretty harmless to hardcode the table name

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