I have a multisite workpress install (v 3.3.2). I'm trying to save the WPLANG field but nothing happens. I get the confirmation message "Site options updated", but the field is still blank. And when I query it with get_locale, it get the default 'en_US'.

I've tried entering in:







Thanks in advance!


To set a specific language in a multi-site the language files must be available in the language directory, usually in wp-content/languages. So if you want to set the language to ja_JP a file ja_JP.mo must exist there.
You can get the language files from the SVN repository.

  • Thank you toscho! That's the last step that I missed...saving the .mo file to wp-content/languanges. I had only saved it to wp-content/themes/mytheme/languages. It only makes sense logically now in retrospect that that was not the right place to put it. I guess I won't be needing the full language files since I only want specific portions of the site to be translated. Thank you thank you! – Zhao Li May 21 '12 at 2:56

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