This has most probably been asked before, but I really need to show WooCommerce products in my template, but I don't know what hooks to add where. It's my first time working with WooCommerce.

Can anybody maybe help me out? Quick step by steps of the process are all I'm asking? And a little more advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, just a URL explaining the complete process would be bonus, as I can't find anything on the net at the moment.

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Generally, Woo is integrated by the use of shortcodes in pages. This is to say, if you want a page to have the cart, create a "Cart" page and put the [woocommerce_cart] shortcode in the content. In fact, Woo adds two new buttons to your WYSIWYG editor to insert the shortcodes for you! This wouldn't be a very good standalone plugin if it required theme editing just to function. While you can hook directly into the theme, it's not necessary - nor is it really advisable, since you may want to change themes without rewriting all your custom hooks.


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