Let's say I'm starting a martial arts website and I want to categorize content into themes:

  1. philosophy
  2. fitness
  3. training
  4. techniques
  5. diet


I keep going back and forth between using custom loops to display the content or making each a custom post type.

Is there advantages to either? And is it worth the trouble of creating the custom post types?

I know this is sort of a philosophical question, but was wondering if there are any solid reasons I can't think of to go either way.

Thanks so much.


Try to stay as close as possible to the built-in functions and behavior. I would just use tags or categories in your case. You can make both more special and rename them to type (for tutorials, link lists, rants etc.) and topic:

enter image description here

Questions to ask before you decide about implementation:

  • What kind of relationship will I need?
    • 1:1 or 1:n (one to many) – post meta data
    • n:m (many to many) – taxonomy
    • maybe both: custom post type
  • How should my permalinks look like?
  • Will I need a custom edit screen?
  • Will I need a separate search function?

The more extra functionality you add the harder may it be for your visitors to predict the location of your content.

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