Disabling this WordPress feature which automatically generates various sizes of an uploaded image, is normally as simple as going to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Media screen and changing all image-size options to 0 (zero).

Unless I am missing something, this is not the case with my blog. Any image I upload gets a 92 pixel square thumbnail cousin.

I have searched through all the theme files for any and all occurrences of the number '92', but there's none! So I am guessing it's WordPress core?


  • This WordPress Codex page says that the default sizes for thumbnail, medium, and large resolution images are 150 px, 300 px, and 640 px (squares) respectively. A 92 px square is clearly not among the defaults.

  • I read here that WordPress creates "one additional thumb for Dashboard interface needs". I am not sure where. Is this why the 92px thumb is being generated? (I don't think so.)

  • In case it helps, I am using a WordPress.com theme called "Reddle" on my self-hosted blog. It looks like the theme was developed by Automattic Theme Wranglers.

  • Did you check the functions.php file? Check something like set_post_thumbnail_size function... anyway if you make changes, keep in mind that you need upload the image again, to generate the new thumbnail and note changes Commented May 6, 2012 at 10:11
  • @Tom I use a Gedit (text editor) plugin to search all my theme files -- absolutely no instances of 92, the number. I use this in my functions.php though add_image_size( 'featimage', 310, 150, true ); to define a custom image size. But it shouldn't be messing things up.
    – its_me
    Commented May 6, 2012 at 10:16

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Take a look at the output of get_intermediate_image_sizes(). If there are any image sizes listed other than 'thumbnail', 'medium' or 'large', a plugin or a theme has added a custom size.

From our chat discussion I know it was WPtouch Pro. :) But it could have been any plugin. There are also sometimes plugins in the directory mu-plugins.

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