I'm working on a responsive webdesign where my navigation should swap into a select-menu when resizing the window in smaller sizes.

Is it somehow possible to add another param to functions like wp_list_categories() or wp_list_pages() so that it outputs <option>item</option> instead of <li>item</li>?

So what I wanna do is use wp_list_pages() and wp_list_categories() to ouput its default stuff in order to have a normal menu. However I also want to ouput the same pages and categories in a second <select><option>… navigation that is hidden by default but shown when a media-query is triggerd. Any idea how to dynamically produce this second menu?

Thank you in advance!

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you can easily do this the same way as wp_list_pages(), using wp_dropdown_pages(). the args needed to retrieve the pages are the same. for the categories, use wp_dropdown_categories()


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