I'm building my theme options page and I want to use Wordpress TinyMCE editor here, so I'm calling wp_editor. But when I'm saving data some entities are added to the content for example, lets say I want to add image:

<img class="" title="" src="path_to_image" alt="" />

Thats what I've got after clicking save:

<img title="\&quot;\&quot;" src="\&quot;path_to_image\&quot;" alt="\&quot;\&quot;" />

Why is this changing quotes into entities (and leaves actual - correctly displayed quotes?)??

@edit: This is how I display my editor:

    $class = (isset($value['class'])) ? $value['class']:'';
    $content = (get_option($value['id']) ? get_option($value['id']) : '');

    $settings = array(
        'textarea_name' => $value['id'], 
        'editor_class' => $class
    wp_editor($content, strtolower($value['id']), $settings );

And that's how I save data for this field:

$_POST[ $value['id'] ]);

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WordPress is running addslashes on POST input. The value you get from the data base looks probably like:

<img title=\"\" …

… and the editor tries to enforce valid markup from that.

So … call the editor with …

wp_editor( stripslashes( $content ), strtolower($value['id']), $settings );

I too had same problem. Then I used :

<? wp_editor(html_entity_decode(stripcslashes(get_option('wid1_cont'))), "editor1",$settings = array('textarea_name'=>'wid1_cont','textarea_rows'=>'5') ); ?>

It worked..

  • Please explain your solution. Why is it better than the other approaches?
    – fuxia
    Commented Dec 14, 2012 at 20:54
  • @Pavan I know they say not to comment Thank you but - THANK YOU! Commented Nov 3, 2016 at 22:52

sometimes, the problem not is in save: is just on view stage.


 wp_editor( html_entity_decode($content), strtolower($value['id']), $settings );

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