I am trying to get the term children and then check if they exist to display them. But I get no IDs in return of get_term_children command. This is the code:

  $children = get_term_children($term->term_id, locations);
  echo $children;

$term is already defined and outputs well, "locations" taxonomy exists. The code returns me just an "Array" word, no list of child terms shows up.

I've got a similar code in my post archive pages and it works well returning me child categories in n/n/n/n/n format:

  $children = get_category_children($this_category->cat_ID);
  echo $children;

What's wrong with the first code? It should work as well as the second.


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At first, try passing the Taxonomy as a string:

$children = get_term_children($term->term_id, 'locations');

The function get_category_children produces a string as return, so you can just echo it. the function get_term_children, however, returns an array. To see the contents of the array, try

print_r( $children );

instead of echo.

The last thing to keep in mind is that a taxonomy does not need to be hierarchical - for example the built in tags. Be sure your "locations" is organized hierarchical, otherwise get_term_children won't work for you in this case.

  • Thank you for the fast reply, fischi. My taxonomy is hierarchical, of course. I think I've got the thing, get_category_children and get_term_children return different types of data, that's why echo doesn't work. I tried to output the array via print_r, and it worked well. My problem is I want to check if term has children. For category I have this code: if (get_category_children($this_category->cat_ID) != "") And what kind of code could you suggest for a taxonomy term?
    – Jerry
    Apr 30, 2012 at 14:23
  • Kinda solved it as well: if (get_term_children($term->term_id, 'locations') != null). Works fine. Thank you again.
    – Jerry
    Apr 30, 2012 at 14:34

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