Is there something wrong with the following approach. I dislike installing plugins (with database access) on my wordpress. But I want my wordpress to be multilingual .

What do you think about the option using the categories as the Language differentiation.
When some user creates a new post, he choose the language (Category).
In the theme Ill identify the language by the category.

Do you think it might work?


  • Sketch your full szenario: How do you want to go about it? And please, rewrite your Q to something like "Is there something wrong with the following approach: your full example" to not get closed for being _not constructive (see close vote explanation).
    – kaiser
    Apr 26, 2012 at 12:00

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No, it doesn't work that way. Taxonomy terms and posts are in a n:n relation: each term may be assigned to multiple posts and each post to multiple terms.

But you probably want to set just one main language per post – taxonomies are the wrong tool for that. Use post meta data or a multi-site plugin to assign a language to a post.


It could be done this way, though I would use a custom taxonomy, not the default category taxonomy. Realistically, though, there is no reason for you to not install a multi-lingual plugin. If you're that wary of them, read the code for them before you install. Wordpress comes with a whole slew of outstanding i18n features which you would be leaving completely by the wayside were you to use your proposed method.


It might work, but with tons of limitations. Starting from the menus and widgets - setting them to show the correct language will be a big hassle.

I tried that approach myself intentionally - in order to write a "Doing it wrong" article - but I failed so quickly that I decided not to waste time anymore....

... and then it all ended up as https://www.WPGlobus.com/

So, the approach might work, but you better use a multilingual plugin.

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