Hey i know that there are options to post to a wordpress blog remotely by email or by another source.

My blog is self hosted.

What other ways is there to publish besides via email.

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Built in to the current version of Wordpress there is "Remote Publishing" settings for Atom or XML-RPC, but that is geared towards programs that help you blog outside of your Wordpress control panel. You can configure it in the Settings > Writing area of your site's Wordpress dashboard.

If you want to publish the content of an RSS feed to your Wordpress site, you will need a "re-feeding" plugin such as FeedWordPress: http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/

Maybe you were thinking of publishing remotely as in a mobile app? Email is still probably the best route, but there are probably blogging apps, and they might need the Atom / XML-RPC setup to work with your site.


If you are using windows you could of course post to WordPress self hosted using windows live writer which is part of the free windows live essentials suite.

You would need to enable XML-RPC in settings under writing > remote publishing. For more info see http://en.wordpress.com/windows-live-writer/


You can publish via mobile phone, I guess you will find different solutions if you google it. I personally use Woothemes, and they have a plugin called WooTumblog and a Iphone/Android App called Express, and then you can post notes, images, links and quotes directly from your phone. I find this very useful for blogging in the field!

More information here!


Another interesting way is using the JSON API plugin's create_post function. It uses nonces for authentication.

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