I plan to implement some specific content for specific categories only, about 15. I wonder will wordpress conditionals (15 if) slow down my website visibly? Sorry if this sounds silly.

  • Can you edit your question to elaborate a little more? What type of content? Is it from your Wordpress site? Is it from another website? The more details, the better. Apr 22, 2012 at 17:19

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The answer is no but just to put your question into perspective I tried the following code. 1.5 million ifs.

$start = microtime();
$count = 0;
while(true) {
    if($count > 1500000) {
$stop = microtime();

$total = $stop-$start;
print "Total time:$total";

0.16 seconds

  • That's not really relevant, he may be calling an expensive function within the IF statement Apr 22, 2012 at 20:49

Conditional Tags are basically just short wrapper functions for parts of the global $wp_query;.

Example: is_author();

function is_author( $author = '' ) {
    global $wp_query;

    if ( ! isset( $wp_query ) ) {
        _doing_it_wrong( __FUNCTION__, __( 'Conditional query tags do not work before the query is run. Before then, they always return false.' ), '3.1' );
        return false;

    return $wp_query->is_author( $author );

And this ↑ just retrieves a class var from the WP_Query object. That's it. So: No, they can't really add any noticeable overhead (unless you don't get millions of synchronous hits). Not more than interacting with any other object.

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