I created a new baseball website. To create the site, I basically just duplicated my football site and changed/modified the theme.

Being that I simply copied a site, all of the JetPack Site Stats reference the old football site stats. So, top posts, top seaches, total views, busiest, etc. all refer to the football traffic. How can I delete these old stats, everything prior to March 26, 2012?

I should note that the old site used the Wordpress.com Site Stats plugin, but I updated to Jetpack after copying to the new site. I don't know if this makes a difference, but figured I should mention it.

Also, encrypted_search_terms shows in the dashboard widget for "Top Searches". I imagine this is from the old search and traffic results.


I contacted the JetPack developers about this. Their reply:

I can confirm that the two sites are establishing separate connections at this point, so your stats should be correctly reported moving forward. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to separate stats once they've already been combined.

In the future, please be sure to set up databases and install WordPress for each instance separately.

Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance.

I then asked:

Which table in the database controls the stats? So I can exclude it from export when I decide to copy the site again?

Their reply makes me believe that it is possible to remove old entries, but after multiple emails exchanged when I asked the initial question, they have not replied to my last question for three days.


From the official developers:

"The site stats are maintained by wordpress.com, not your own site, therefore, there is no way to delete old stats"

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