I use Disqus to manage my comments. I'd like it to appear only on posts, and not on pages. How can I do that?

If there's a way to selectively show it on some pages that'd be great, but in general I'd like the default to be hidden on pages.

  1. Goto Dashboard > Pages . Click on 'Edit' for the page you want to hide comments on.

  2. On the top of this screen you'll get Screen Options, Expand this section.

  3. Check/Enable the Discussion button.

  4. Scroll down on the screen. Uncheck the Allow Comments option.

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Nitin's solution works, however, if you have comments already on the page Disqus will not disappear.

Therefore you need to go into the Wordpress Page you want Disqus removed from: Goto Dashboard > Pages > Edit Page

Then go to the comments in Edit Page view and "Trash" them all. Then Disqus will not show up.

Hope this helps. I Googled for an hour looking for the solution until I figured it out on my own!

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