this is my first question about wordpress, because i don't know much about wordpress.

i have installed AntiSpam bee in my wordpress blog. And i got comments which marked as spam with the reason Server IP, that i got first time.

But i got shocked when i see that the comment don't had any Email Address .

but as i know that without any user name and email no one can send any comment to any post. Please someone help me to telling that what exactly happen or what i did wrong.


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You get this if $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] of a ping/track back doesn’t match the IP address of the URL the ping back comes from allegedly.

Let’s say someone claims to send a ping back from example.com but the request IP and the server IP for example.com are different – the ping back is marked as spam.

The documentation is not very clear about this, but a look at the source code told me everything I you wanted to know. :)

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