I am looking for help or plugin for the following conditions of my site

I am using wordpress 3.0+ version. my site is about School where students will get register and post their experience and share knowledge.

User Registration:

Once the user is created automatically a new Category should be created with its Reg. ID and user name which will be displayed as below mysite.com/jan2345

User Blog:

each user will be able to create new blog which will be the sub category that user's category

for example: jan wants to post his expedition to Europe so he will create new blog from frontend but in backend that will be a category with atleast single post which will be the default post and have default parent category as jan2345. This post url will look like mysite.com/jan2345/europetour

user Page

User will log in and be able to see only his Blogs and post for edit.

if there is any more suggestions and any way i could do this please reply me

FYI: i am not able to use Wordpress multisite functionality bec that creates a 9 new tables so, if there are 1000 users with their site details so there will be more than 9000 tables in database ....

If there is any other solution where i can create site and that will not increase my tables in data base

Thank you all in advance

Nikhil J.

  • 9 tables per blog? Why? That doesn't happen regularly.
    – fuxia
    Apr 10, 2012 at 6:40
  • That's normal behaviour for WPMS, it's adding the default WP table (minus the usertables) for everyblog added.
    – Hiranthi
    Apr 10, 2012 at 7:09
  • can you confirm my this query : will shared server database be able to handle the total around 1000 blogs(ie 9000 tables) when school Students are free to register here? Apr 10, 2012 at 7:57

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thank you guys

I went thru many forums and other details of the post where i came to conclution to create a simple plugin and will work as below the algo is divided in different sections


when user x is getting registered there will be a category that is created in the name as x1234 this is the user name and reg. numbers and all the data and sub categories of user x will be dumped in here.

login section:

when user is logged in he will not be given any rights of wordpress instead a custom rights are created for each user. so that they can only see their post to edit

edit section

when user creates the blog in the edit section he actually creates category under his Category wiz. x1234 this category has to have atleast one post. url for the blog will be mysite.com/x1234/cat_name/post_name

all users are restricted to modify post or blogs of antother users they can just comment on it

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