I'd like to create a permalink structure that works in the following way:

Pages - http://myurl.com/pagename
Posts - http://myurl.com/news/postname/

How would I do so?

Thank you


Go to "Settings" -> "Permalink" page and set custom structure for permalinks equals to /news/%postname%.

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When adding something like /news/%postname% to the permalink structure (you have to select "Custom" Permalink structure), I always think about how my users would "trust" this structure.

Most people are familiar with .html at the end, so I used to add this

/%postname%.html - for my regular posts

If you want something before that simply add it like suggested above

/news/%postname%.html - however that would appear on all posts.

You should consider to modify the Category base, it's on the same page yourdomain.com/wp-admin/options-permalink.php under Optional - by default it would show you /category/category-name on the frontend, so you can remove the /category/ from the URL there to get http://myurl.com/news/postname/ (you would then have to create a category "news" after changing the Category base)

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